Stunning Bentima "Star" 34mm Mechanical Gentleman's Sub Dial Watch

Stunning Bentima "Star" 34mm Mechanical Gentleman's Sub Dial Watch


About as good as 1960's watches get! - A Stunning Bentima "Star" Swiss Made Gentlemans watch, 34mm x 45mm case in excellent order, we have replaced the strap and crystal. there is a watermark on the dial edge between one and three, otherwise the watch is excellent, and keeps very accurate time. Bentima is a strange brand, a well-known name that sounds like a European girl's first name, and one that turns up on the dials of old and new clocks as well as on some pocket and wrist watches. And yet, this brand seems to be a bit of a mystery which cannot be fully unravelled! 


It would seem that Bentima was essentially a British company, but its date of foundation is unknown. It is possible to find mantle clocks branded Bentima dating to the 1930s, with a brass pendulum movement marked British Made. Another 1930s Bentima clock is mentioned online, where it states that the movements at that time were made by Perivale, who before 1935 marketed the clocks as Anvil before switching to the name Bentima.


At some stage in its history - probably just after World War 2  Bentima seems to have gone all "Swiss" while still probably remaining a British firm when it became the UK importers and agents for Oris, a relationship that might have closer than that for a while, as sister companies. Indeed, Bentima was apparently registered as a Swiss manufacturer on August 5th 1948. The company subsequently started to market Swiss-made watches under their own name, usually "Bentima Star" and the higher end Bentima watches were sometimes assembled with an Oris cal.92 movement or even by Edox with an AS1951 movement.

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    Case size: 34mm

    Case colour: Silver

    Strap colour: Brown leather

    Dial: 12 hour dial in white. 

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