1980's Rhula Manual winding Gentleman's 35mm Watch

1980's Rhula Manual winding Gentleman's 35mm Watch

Whacky in appearance, fairly rare this side of the channel! Simple and reliable movement, a retro 1980's stainless-steel Watch, the dial is just about perfect and everything has been polished , the crystal replaced. A tan leather strap finishes the look. 


In the 1980s Ruhla’s watchmaking industry had reached its peak. It employed over 8000 people in the design and manufacture of watches, watch movements as well as watch production machinery. Such a degree of vertical integration was not possible anywhere else in the world, so Ruhla quite likely became the world’s largest watchmaking plant.
  • Product Info

    Case size: 35mm

    Case colour: Silver

    Strap colour: Brown leather

    Dial: 12 hour dial in white.

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