Elegant Fine Quality Enicar "Supertest" 35mm Mechanical Gentleman's Watch

Elegant Fine Quality Enicar "Supertest" 35mm Mechanical Gentleman's Watch


An excellent Enicar "Supertest" Gentleman's Watch very high quality, and in excellent running order, winds smoothly and runs easily, and to time. The dial is completely unrestored, and has some very faint ageing , but overall the watch is in really good condition The case is 35mm excl crown x 40mm A high-quality Condor strap is fitted.


Enicar was founded in 1913 by the Racine family (Enicar is “Racine” spelled backwards). It began outfitting mountain climbers and other adventurers with its watches in the 1950s as a marketing tactic. A Swiss team of climbers wore Enicar watches to the

top of Lhoste and Mount Everest in 1956.

  • Product Info

    Size: 35mm

    Case colour: Golden

    Strap colour:Brown leather

    Dial: 12 hour dial in white.

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