London Made Gentleman's Watch by Louis Newmark & Co

London Made Gentleman's Watch by Louis Newmark & Co


Beautiful 1950's English Made Watch - An extremely simple brass movement of Newmark's own manufacture, working really well, this might only be accurate to a couple of minutes a day, but has certainly stood the test of time! Louis Newmark had a government grant post-war to set up watch production at the Croydon Factory , the previous main product had been guidance systems for bombs and torpedo's, the market for which thankfully having reduced at the end of WW2!  This example has a good dial, the chrome and brass case is 32mmx40mm - We have done some service work on the watch and the movement, and provided the watch with a period leather strap.


  • Product Info

    Size: 32mm

    Case colour: Silver

    Strap colour: Brown leather

    Dial: 12 hour dial in white.

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