Fine Quality Zenith 17 Jewel Manual Winding Watch -Unusual Provenance

Fine Quality Zenith 17 Jewel Manual Winding Watch -Unusual Provenance


In very good condition,and working well a lovely Zenith manual winding watch 31.5mm x 38mm Stainless-steel case all entirely original with a Black dial and baton markers. We have fitted a new leather strap - The watch is inscribed on the case back, it was a gift from Sir Olaf Caroe. We know not who to, but Heaven knows where this watch will have been over it's long life!


Sir Olaf Kirkpatrick Kruuse Caroe KCSI KCIE (15 November 1892 – 23 November 1981) was an administrator in British India, working for the Indian

Civil Service and Political Service. He served as the Foreign Secretary to the Government of India during WW II and later as the Governor of the  North West Frontier Province. As Foreign Secretary, he was responsible for reviving the Mc Mahon Line, which included the Assam Himalayan frontier within India. After retirement, Caroe took on the role of a strategist of the Great Game and the Cold War on the southern periphery of the Soviet Union. His ideas are believed to have been highly influential in shaping the post-War policies of Britain and the United States. Scholar Peter Brobst calls him the "quintessential master of the Great Game and the "foremost strategic thinker of British India" in the years before independence.

  • Product Info

    Case size: 38mm

    Case colour: Silver

    Strap colour:Black leather

    Dial: 12 hour dial in black.

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