Charming 30mm Gentleman's Two-Tone Dial Watch - "The Hatton"

Charming 30mm Gentleman's Two-Tone Dial Watch - "The Hatton"


In excellent working order and with a wonderful two-tone Art Deco dial 30mmx38mm the case is chrome on brass, much of the chrome having escaped over the last sixty-five years or so! You have here a genuine Amida made Hatton.


Watches branded "The Hatton" on the dial were originally associated with the Swiss maker, Amida SA, and also with their UK import agents, Andrew & Co of London. The trademark was registered in 1951.  "The Hatton" is now owned by the modern Ingersoll Watch Company.

  • Product Info

    Case size: 30mm

    Case colour: Silver

    Strap colour: Black leather

    Dial: 12 hour dial in antique white

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